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Exclusive Package Specials

Our spa packages are thoughtfully curated to include a range of treatments. Whether you seek a day of pampering, stress alleviation, or a celebration of a special occasion, our spa packages are designed to immerse you in serenity, leaving you renewed and revitalized.
Summer Body

Get ready to sport that bikini and ditch the mom jeans! This package provides four laser liposuction (ultrasound cavitation) treatments to sculp and contour the problem area at hand. It also includes four b12 injections to boost energy and metabolism. Take home a full size body firm cream and express trim drops to continue your weight loss at home!


18% savings

$227 off

Platinum Sparkle

This package pairs our davinci laser teeth whitening session along with our trio of teeth protection products! Receive a mineral sensitivity treatment at the time of service and head home with monthly maintenance trays and an on-the-go teeth whitening pen!


32% savings

$104 off

Here Comes
The Bride

Get ready to strut down the aisle with this amazing self care bundle! Start your experience with a laser liposuction treatment, followed by a brazilian wax. Then finish the day with an aqua facial. Your provider will also send you home with a full size lash & brow growth serum and our hydrating lip balm mask


nearly 10% savings

$36 off

Lookin Pretty Saving Lives

For our first responders, both active and retired, we want to take care of you for always taking care of others. Start your appointment with a complimentary consultation, followed by one full syringe of filler and 30 units of neurotoxin. You will also go home with a full-size hyaluronic acid serum to maintain your results at home!


20% savings

$191.50 off

Be Well

Reset your body from the inside out with this wellness package. Your visit will start with a consultation from our nurse practitioner to discuss nutrition and weight loss goals. A basic lab assessment will be performed to rule out any vitamin deficiencies. A weight loss medication will be prescribed if indicated and you will leave with a month supply of our exclusive medical grade nutrition line!



  • 1 bottle of express curb 

  • 1 express berry greens powder tub,

  • 1 express male or female hormone balancing supplement!


28% savings

$72 off

Best Face Forward

Start your appointment with a consultation to determine your current skin condition, followed by a mini facial, led light treatment, and brow wax. Take home a full size cleanser of your choice as well as a full size moisturizer to begin your journey to better skin at home! All products are medical grade, cruelty free, made in the usa, paraben free, and safe for all skin types



25% savings

$51 off 

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We can help you with all of your beauty needs and we look forward to meeting you.

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